About us

What is Excursiones por el Sur and what do we do?

Excursionesporelsur.com is the website of the wholesale-retail and incoming travel agency for the province of Cadiz with the commercial name: Cai, Costa Almadraba Incoming and with the title of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucia C.I.AN 117561-3.

Excursionesporelsur.com as a web site is born in the tourist heart of the province of Cadiz from where we offer the services managed by Cai, and that we see necessary for our visitors to know and enjoy our land.

Cadiz is the southernmost tourist destination in Western Europe, separated by the African continent by only 14 kilometres.

This province is located in a strategic place and that is why our company has not hesitated to put in value all the tourist services that we can.

Our commitment is to offer through excursionesporelsur.com services such as:

  • Transfers. Airports to tourist and residential destinations (Shuttle and Private). Golf transfers.
  • Excursions. To the most outstanding places in our province and to some of the nearby provinces. Even to Morocco due to its proximity.
  • Accommodation in holiday cottages and holiday homes for closed periods.
  • Groups. To offer a booking system through the website, facilitating the control of bookings for congresses, conventions, circuits, which our clients ask us to organise and manage.
  • Create a contact point for the demand for services that are not offered and with the possibility of customising them, if necessary.
  • Direct collection of services, generating a formal booking that can be handed over to the service provider on our behalf to serve the customer/passenger.

We thank all our customers who use our services through excursionesporelsur.com.